Who We Are

We're fun-loving, warm-hearted, hard-working wedding and commercial photographers, located in Sidney, Ohio, and serving the region from Dayton/Springfield to Lima. Here's our story...

Ty says:

My family has been in Shelby County, OH, for a loooong time—the early 1800s, in fact. All four of my grandparents were born here, as were both of my parents. And I was, too.

Despite that deep history, I set out as a restless 18-year-old to chart my own course: I moved just outside of Chicago to major in philosophy and psychology at Northwestern University; then headed down to North Carolina and earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at UNC-Chapel Hill; and after that I moved to California to work as a professor of philosophy at University of the Pacific.

There was much out West that I loved – weather! mountains! the ocean! – but I missed my family and friends, as well as the comfort of small-town Ohio and the sense of belonging it gives me.

So, I came home to Sidney!

In doing so, I brought two native Californians with me: my incredible wife Christina, who collaborates with me in all things photographic—sometimes with a camera in her hand, sometimes without; and our rambunctious black Labrador Retriever Jagger. And once here, we gave birth to a son, Oak, who will start his training in photography as soon as he can tie his own shoes. (Careful observers will have noted that the leaves in our logo are oak leaves!) 

Photography is a long-time passion: from homemade movies as a kid, to yearbook pictures in high school, to documenting travels ranging from the Middle East to the American West in adulthood. In California, my passion turned professional under the fantastic mentorship of Matthew James Photographers. And for roughly the past five years, photography has been my full-time occupation.

Christina says:

Who'd want to be on the "left coast" when you could be in "the heart of it all"?

Oak says:

Daddy, can we go play in the sandbox now?


::Quietly waits for Oak to drop food on the ground::

We're responsible, detail oriented, creative, and easy to get along with; and we’ll do everything in our power to give you timeless, powerful photographs that capture who you really are, evoke deep emotions, and will be passed down in your family through generations!

Ty Raterman, CEO (Cheetos Eating Officer)
Christina Raterman, COO (Creating Optimism Officer)

Oak Raterman, CTO (Collecting Toys Officer)
Jagger Raterman, CFO (Canine Fun Officer)