Commercial Photography: General Information

The benefits:

Creative, crisp, current photographs are incredibly powerful tools for a business to use in communicating who it is and what it does. And, without exaggeration, few things make us feel prouder than being able to help with that task. Nearly every business these days has a website—and those that don't could almost certainly benefit from it. Nothing more immediately testifies to the quality of a business than the quality of the photographs on that website. Some businesses also need photography for print advertising (from business cards to billboards and everything in between), for product packaging, for promotional materials at shows and events, or for enlivening a reception area or other office space. We're also experienced real estate photographers: we have tools – from the right lenses to the newest software – and techniques for making properties look as impressive as possible.

Where and how we work:

We're based in Sidney, OH, and readily travel throughout the Miami Valley from Dayton/Springfield to Lima. We'll happily come to you for photographs of your business's exterior and interior spaces, of your staff (in action, or posed for headshots), of your equipment in operation, of your finished products on display, and so on. If we come to your business to take pictures, we're almost always able to do so with minimal disruption to your work flow. Additionally, we're able – if the situation calls for it – to bring items to our studio to photograph them under more controlled lighting and on appropriate backdrops. In both cases, our aim is to work with you to get images that fit with your brand and serve your strategic needs.

Scheduling and turnaround:

We're flexible in our scheduling—we bend over backward to accommodate you when it's most convenient for you. We also work diligently to turn images around to you promptly. Without exception, every image we deliver is edited with care. Precise turnaround time will ultimately depend on how many images we're delivering and the extent of the editing work required, but we can typically turn pictures around within a couple weeks, or even within a couple days if needed; and the timeframe will be specified as clearly as possible in the quote we give you.