Commercial Photography: Pricing

We provide area businesses – large and small – with photography that's second to none in quality, and we do it at a reasonable price. It's rare for two businesses to have the same budgets and same needs. For this reason, our pricing is highly customized. What we charge will be based on our expectation of how much time and effort will go into the taking and editing of the pictures, as well as what use the business will put the images to.

We truly want to be able to assist ALL businesses... even those with quite limited budgets. We live in the Miami Valley because we love this area. We thus want to see it flourish economically, and we're excited to be able to play a role in helping its businesses – large and small – to shine.

Please get in touch via phone or email; and if it's useful for us to come meet you in person, we're happy to do that. Once we learn a bit about what you're looking for, we'll provide you with a firm quote.