Ty Raterman Photography | Portrait Photography: General Information

Portrait Photography: General Information

Our approach:

Brains are totally amazing pieces of equipment, but for all their power, the pictures they store inevitably get fuzzy pretty quickly. These days, of course, everyone has a camera—and everyday snapshots are important. Every so often, though, we need to treat ourselves to images that do justice to the special people, places, and eras in our lives. We’re here to help provide those. The trick to a making a great portrait is to create an image that’s artistic and unique – beautifully lit and skillfully composed, located in a cool spot, with the background pushed out of focus just the right amount – while simultaneously capturing people feeling relaxed and just being themselves. This is our goal. To accomplish it, we bring to bear a willingness to try different things and go with the flow, an eye for detail, patience and a sense of humor, and really good gear and a lot of experience using it.


From family to senior to newborn portraits, we’re happy to meet you in your favorite places—a park, your house, you name it. We don't charge a travel fee unless the session will be more than 30 miles away from our home base; and even then we're trying just to cover our gas and time. We love working with natural light, but we also have flashes we can bring along to help create a certain effect where that's desired. Similarly, we can typically make existing backgrounds work, but we do have some nice, solid-colored backdrops we can bring when those are needed.


Following your photo session, we aim within two weeks to have moderately-edited proofs ready for you to browse in a private gallery on our website; and you're free to share that gallery with family and friendsAfter browsing all the images, you let us know which you’d like to have high-resolution digital copies and/or professional prints of; and within two weeks of you making those picks we'll have finalized, fully-edited images ready for you. We're happy to give you more details via phone or email, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!